The bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid becomes reality

James Young lost a leg and an arm in a train accident and is one of more than 60 candidates, who responded to a notice from Konami, Which Metal Gear Solid V promotete, in which Snake wears a synthetic arm. And exactly this arm was for around 60’000 £ a built team, consisting of artists like Sophie de Oliveira Barata file. The arm was then finally by Open Bionics implemented, which already for arms children, based on Marvel and Disney characters, have made. Young was selected, because he already always an avid gamer was and had retrained after the accident and can use the controller with his remaining hand and the teeth perfectly.

Bodyhack | Metal Gear Man - Part 1

The bionic arm was 3-D printed and just like in game, Sensors measure the muscle movements in James back, so that he can control the arm selbstsändig. Thus the hand is skilled enough, that Young coins can pick up from the ground. More are installed as a USB charger or a small drone among other gadgets. Unlike the game, the arm has not got superpowers or can fire power, but it is also a laser pointer, a flashlight, a USB host and the mentioned holder for a miniature Quadcopter, What Young with a panel by its bionic arm control can.

Bodyhack | Metal Gear Man - Part 2