Sir Christopher Lee has already last Sunday, the 7. June, aged 93 Died years in a hospital in London. Be Dracula is and remains by far the best of all bloodsuckers. In Star Wars He was Count Dooku and the Lord of the Rings he played Saruman. Now he is gone from us, the gentlemen of the old school, where he gave private and he will be missed, the best of all bad guys!


The 1922 born son of a British officer and an Italian countess decided after 2. World War II from a beer idea out for acting, „without natural talent“, as he always frankly admitted. Ten years he had to deal with small performances and extras rolls around torturing and used this his motto: „You can browse through the rollers do not always pick - but still have the freedom, to interpret them with dignity.“ Soon he was offered a to bloodthirsty Horror specialized company called Hammer, which hired him as Count Dracula, he then gave seven more times. „Dracula gave me a name, a fan club and a used car“, Lee noted gratefully in his autobiography „Lord of Misrule“.

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Christopher Lee as Dracula: Bite Montage

The now legendary long „Hammer Horror“ is inextricably linked to his face: A narrow, elegant face, the good fit to the undead from old noble family, a stoic, fast steifes Mienenspiel, the psychological dimensions of the vampire role - could still explore - loneliness and sexual greed. Lee played for Hammer but also the mummy, Frankensteins Monster and five times the villain Fu Manchu. He was early on an outstanding villain in film history. Among the best known figures among the Scaramanga from „The Man with the Golden Gun“ and with Bond creator Ian Fleming joined him a distant kinship.

Vampire, it is said, can be solved by its shadow. Christopher Lee knew better, because the bloodthirsty Count, he was never quite going. Lee has ridiculed this lifelong identification. He really never complains. More 2002 was Johnny Depp, a good friend of recent years: „You play on the side of Christopher and can not help but think: Oh my god, he is - Dracula!“ In the films, the Lee were particularly dear, certainly looked towards hardly anyone. He was proud, in „Jinnah“ (1998) to have the same founder of Pakistan embodying. As his best work of the actor himself described in the mass relatively unknown British Horror „The Wicker Man“ (1973) a macabre pagan ritual.

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The Raven (Christopher Lee)

Together with his wife Gitte and daughter Christina he lived, the already part of his childhood in the Switzerland had spent, for a few years on Lake Geneva. From there, he traveled the whole continent: The voice talent was Italian, French, Spanish, German and of course his native language English fluently and was happy working anywhere. He himself went to all these commitments conscientiously, without making yourself about your movie historical rank too great illusions. So the maximum performance also remained rather then other nature, hardly anyone has probably starred in more movies than Lee - depending on the source oscillates the number oscillates between 250 and 300. 17 He has fought in front of the camera swordplay - Errol Flynn came only 9. Even Lee's body length was emphasized repeatedly: 1,96 Meter, at least in the bloom years.

At the age of 63 Years, had the opera lovers, passionate golfers and cigar smokers undergo heart surgery. At the end of the millennium he befriended with the passionate B-movie devotee Tim Burton, Lee now regularly engaged, such as for „Sleepy Hollow“ and „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“. George Lucas gave him a blockbuster appearance in Episode II and III of „Star Wars“ and we are ehrlich, Count Dooku is the best thing about these episodes and a barely disguised reminiscence of his most famous role. Lee was a great admirer of Tolkien and had the opportunity, to meet him even more personally. The „Lord of the Rings“ he read once a year and so it is not surprising, that the role of the evil wizard Saruman dear to his heart. All the greater was his disappointment, as its part of the theatrical version of the third part, „The Return of the King“, was deleted – when „Hobbit“ He was then back again.

Thanks Christopher, thank you for all the great monsters and tell Peter Cushing and Vincent Price a nice greeting.

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The Time Warp Instructions - Christopher Lee