Here the Video the song „Suffocation“ Dessauer „Don’t Try This“ from their debut album „Wireless Slaves“…


Your life runs meaningless out of time
Inside the emptiness you can’t defy

Why can’t we resist this life
This pressure in our mind
let it go, let it go

Like puppets we walk around
Wireless Slaves
Controlled by hands we can not see
Blind sheep’s pricked with daggers
out of shame
They are like leeches
We bleed for those we feed
This has to stop
this can not be
We consume this everyday
There is no honor
Just the will to be alive
Is there no place for love
for a reason to life
to set me free?
When there is heaven Above
why are we Closer To hell
on this ground we live?

How can this be?
Is there a place to set me free?

Come spend a while in here
Let this all disappear
Here is your place
Lay down and let it flow
This is all you should know
Here is your place

And soon it’s cold
and everything you’ve dreamed is gone
And soon you’re cold
forever sleeping you will not return anymore
Won’t return anymore

your Breath is gone
Your breath is gone
You shall suffocate
You shall suffocate