Today you put the Thrashers „Death Angel“ her yesterday released album „The Evil Divide“ with the new clip for the song ‚Lost‘ his heart. comments vocalist Mark Osegueda, what is in the track goes:

The song ‚Lost‘ is for me a very personal number. I was lucky, Growing up in the very versatile San Francisco Bay Area, I have many friendships with people of different backgrounds, Religion, sexual orientation and fans of all musical genres closed. One thing, we all can not escape, no matter what we believe, how well we were raised and taught, is, that we all ever felt left out or alone. This is a terrible and degrading feeling. I, too, was not immune to this experience. I noticed, that it freed me and makes me feel, dazuzugehören, to do something right, and to have a good life, which is not measured by a monetary system, When I Music writing! This song is about and for all, the stranded ever in the black hole of their own thoughts. Here is ‚Lost‘! You are not alone

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Death Angel: Lost (Official Music Video)