Friends, es gibt neues aus der Küche der deutschen Thrash Metal Legend „Darkness„! Here is the Video to „L.a.W.“ from EP „XXIX“, which in May 2015 has been published. „Darkness“ has teamed up with the album „DeathSquad“ The late 80s earned a cult status. Heute präsentiert sich die Band mit einem neuen Line Up, The old-school club now swinging Lee (vox), Arnd and Meik (git), Dirk (ba) and Lacky (Dr). Zu hören sind auf dem Silberling die neuen Songs „L.a.W.“ and „Hate bis my Engine“ as well as the classics „Death Squad“ and „Burial at Sea“ a new musical garb. The EP is a taste of the upcoming album, which will be completed this year.