Daylight's End - Trailer and Poster

In between „28 Days Later“ and „The Walking Dead“ settled ending shocker „Daylight’s End“ by filmmaker William Kaufman we accompany Lance Henriksen, Johnny Strong, Louis Mandylor and Chelsea Edmundson through a devastated wasteland, in the years before a mysterious disease has broken out. In this wilderness, the home theater starting at 11. August is also made available to German genre fans, encounters the ruthless loner Rourke (Johnny Strong) randomly on a group of survivors. You've holed up in an abandoned police station in front of the infected, but now their hideout is blown. Rourke, who has an open account with the leaders of the Undead, is reluctantly ready, cancel his planned vendetta, to the survivors to help her escape: You want to a plane, which can bring them to a safe place and Rourke to help them to escape. But time is short, Because with Night awakens evil…

DAYLIGHTS END Trailer German Deutsch (2016) Exclusive