The watermelons toast

The Taiwanese bakers Lee Wen-fa of „Jimmy’s Bakery“ just wanted bread for Children bake and has thus triggered a hype. The watermelons Toast has a rectangular shape and is by the addition of food dyes such as green tea powder, Strawberries, Bamboo Charcoal and farther to Watermelon. With this idea, Lee Wen-fa wants children to animate more bread essen. Business is really good definitely with this bread or rather gigantic, because up to 1500 Watermelon slices of bread a day hike over the counter. So friends, on to Taipei!

The watermelons toastch/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/WassermelonenToastbrot_02.jpg“>The watermelons toast

Those who want the bread itself also bake times, finds Recipe here on the net.