With "Dark Signal" Edward Evers-Swindell delivers its only second directorial effort from. But for which he got a well-known supporters on board, because the whole was produced by Neil Marshall, the former with „The Descent - abyss of horror“ the brilliant breakthrough. From the 30. More 2016 is the film in the UK zuhaben as DVD and Download, When the film is seen in us, is at present still unclear.

Deep in the heart of rural Wales sits boy single mother Kate (Joanna Ignaczewska) firmly with her car. She quickly notes, that she is not alone: The ghost of a murdered girl has been waiting for it. But he does not want Kate to the collar, but to find out with their help, who the killer. Meanwhile leading radio presenters Ben (Gareth David-Lloyd) and Laurie (Siwan Morris) by their last mission and to have Carla (Cinzia Monreale) invited, can establish contact with spirits. But what initially begins as creepy Gag, is quickly deadly serious: In fact, they get a signal from the beyond - and precisely from the spirit of the dead girl…

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DARK SIGNAL Official Trailer [Horror 2016] HD