In popular Metal-Scales of Switzerland, the Z7 in Pratteln, went out of their end of May 2015 the thrash metal veterans Exodus and will honor. Although they are respected in the scene as well as METALLICA, Megadeth, Slayer and ANTHRAX, they never allowed to experience the great success and although founded by Kirk Hammett and drummer Tom Hunting of Exodus for many as the true inventor of the metal subgenres apply, the in the Bay Area on US West Coast began early 80s and took soon became a worldwide success. „Exodus“ were co-founded by Kirk Hammett, then after the expulsion of a certain Dave Mustaine (who famously founded Megedeth) went to Metallica. A few years later joined Steve Souza from Testament (which at that time still called Legacy) to Exodus, his successor was a certain Chuck Billy. And Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has become a permanent member of Slayer and occurs there in the big footsteps of 2013 late Jeff Hannemann. So all in all this evening a big class reunion and the two pioneers of Thrash Metal were the Z7 tremble to its foundations!

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

Old-school thrash enthusiasts came this evening entirely at their expense. At the cloakroom many fans could quite my, Previous Year 1986 to have been displaced. Die Melodic-Metal-Band „Lotrify“ Baden had already played earlier than announced and unfortunately so have a number of visitors, including the author of these lines, missed the concert. After a pause conversion it became harder and a lot to 20:15 Clock took amidst great rejoicing Exodus drummer John Hunting behind his kit Place and off we went! This unfortunately without longtime guitarist Gary Holt, the case for commitments „Slayer“ collars of Lum „Heathen“ was replaced. The significantly aged and consumed acting Steve Souza, who returned to the band about a year ago, opened with „Black 13“ from the current album „Blood In, Blood Out“ the evening. The five men are really loud, but neither the sound nor the light sets the band at the beginning in the spotlight. Dull is the sound and the light is hardly perceptible. But most fans could be of not irritate and celebrated a metal party, but still neat air had upwards. Even with the Thrash crackers „Iconoclasm“ and „Children of a Worthless God“ Sitting riffs spot precision and the band acts effort, even Souza, the melodious language tries, further fueling the mood, but somehow the spark does not jump over.

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

At „Salt In The Wound“ mentioned proud, that Kirk Hammett has recorded with a solo, the groovy „Blacklist“ from their 2004 comeback album „Tempo Of The Damned“ seemed the ice finally to break the almost filled Z7. The engineer had also turned to some regulators and the band was now fortunately, albeit somewhat late, really warm and pressed towards the end with „Body Harvest“ again right on the accelerator. The audience thanked it for a good hour thrash party with passionate applause. A nice mix of all creative works, what the audience with „Circle Pits“ and „Wall of Death“ owed. The time with the most senior and influential representatives of Thrash Metal was hard and just flew. The conversion pause verspach Grosses for the concert of Testament. One saw a metallic stage with a huge banner, Strobe lights and two illuminated Testament-Skulls in the background. All this made from the outset for matching nuclear sphere. The lights went out, Sirens rang out, Red Spotlights scurried down the hall and gradually entered Gene Hoglan (drums), Steve George (bass), Alex Skolnick (guitars), Eric Peterson (guitars) and to top it all Chuck Billy (Vocals) under frenetic cheering the stage.


The band was from the outset as fully, already the happy-relaxed facial expressions of the musicians spoke an entirely different language than in Exodus and the sound was mixed well and went fully to the Twelve. Chuck Billy had like always its micro-Tomahawk in his hand and a really big smile on his face. Throughout the presentation on he held on to his idiosyncratic micro-holder and displays its euphoric imitation of guitar playing, that Chuck is in his element. The other musicians are Billy to none, Long-term band member and main songwriter Eric Peterson shreds his signature Dean-Z guitar looking at the hip, while his colleague Alex Skolnick stretched his almost classic flavor and with ESP often relaxed gesture in the air, snap his fingers over the strings. But the coolest Sau of the evening was undoubtedly bassist Steve DiGiorgio with its almost eccentrically shaped, bundlosen Thor-Bass, with whom he brandishing as a gun and on which he relentlessly herumhämmerte. His poses are not the coolest and the, because he would have needed, to compensate for lack of skill. On the contrary, here are with DiGiorgio, Drummer Gene Hoglan, Skolnick and Peterson some of today's best metal musicians together on stage. And it shows!

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

The chemistry of the band members and the interaction right and the five men who clearly enjoy their performance or – what the audience really drags. After a few minutes at „Rise Up“ roared the fans missed the chorus and the sound level meter on the wall showed partially 100 Decibels. So must it be with a good metal-Concert! Testament had for „Dark Roots of Earth Tour II“ announced, Material from their first three albums „The Legacy“ (1987), „The New Order“ (1988) and „Practice what you preach“ (1989) to play. Unfortunately, there were due to the short time then not many tracks and so the set list was similar to that of the live album „Dark Roots Of Thrash“. Many thrash metal highlights from the early days of the band, there was next to some pearls from the new album yet to celebrate. The title song of „The New Order“ and „Practice what you preach“ celebrated the quintet as well as the atmospheric, but no less hard „Trial by Fire“. the approximately 85-minute set was rounded off with another thrash songs like „First Strike Is Deadly“ or „Souls of Black“ from the album of the same.

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

Also Testament offered a great mix from all eras of the band. The performance on stage was unlike Exodus gigantic and noted its enthusiasm each. The time was much too quickly and the evening will have left each time a lasting impression. Both bands understood it finally, succeeded her fans and professional to entertain with a good show. The gestures and poses looked at real Testament and less experienced, the power came not only by the volume, but above all by the credible and energetic fun at the appearance of Billy, Peterson, DiGiorgio and Co into existence. When thrash elemental force of San Francisco had been at the beginning of the impression, that the men wanted to bring their set as swiftly as possible, so you could devote Backstage others. Still convinced Exodus with ultra hard and yet groovy midtempo Thrash with irrem pace and brutal riffs. Also „New old“-Shouter „Scepter“ Souza has again excellently integrated into the band.


Setlist Exodus:

  1. black 13
  2. Blood In, Blood Out
  3. Iconoclasm
  4. Children of a Worthless God
  5. Body Harvest
  6. Blacklist
  7. Bonded by Blood
  8. Strike of the Beast
  9. The Toxic Waltz

Setlist Testament:

  1. Rise Up
  2. Native Blood
  3. More Than Meets The Eye
  4. The Preacher
  5. First Strike Is Deadly
  6. Souls of Black
  7. Eerie Inhabitants
  8. The New Order
  9. Trial by Fire
  10. Into the Pit
  11. Practice what you preach
  12. Encore:

  13. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
  14. 3 Days in Darkness
  15. Disciples of the Watch
Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake
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