Guillermo del Toro is the undisputed master of fantastic stories. The creator of such genre classics like „Pans Labyrinth“, „Hellboy“, „Pacific Rim“ and recently the TV series „The Strain“ leaves in his new film as director and co-writer of the screenplay a boy Experiencing writer, that reality much more terrible stories writes, as it has ever devised for her novels. Science Fiction coupled with some eroticism and much tension comes on 15. October in cinemas.

England im 19. Century: The young author Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) is far from having Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) married, but already come her first doubts, if you so very charming husband really is, he seems to be. Edith feels always nor the aftermath of a terrible family tragedy and she notices, that they are still at their old friend Dr. Alan McMichael (Charlie Hunnam) is attracted. Through her new life in a lonely cottage in the north of England they tried, to let the ghosts of the past finally behind him. But the house – and its supernatural inhabitants – do not forget so easily…

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Crimson Peak - Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]