Rocky- Stallone and fans are already looking forward to the Rocky spinoff, in which Sylvester Stallone in his signature role, together with Michael B. Jordan forms a harmonious duo. In addition, the plot of the aged boxing legend Rocky Balboa and the emerging Boxtalent has enough potential, zoom zurücken to the old classics. In the following now second TRAILER for new boxing drama there is to see some emotional scenes. Also, the close relationship between teachers and students is something unraveled. The following synopsis of „Creed“:

Former boxing champ Rocky Balboa is retired. One day, the talented young boxer Adonis Johnson stands at his door. He is looking for a mentor and coach, that can make him a champion. Adonis is not primarily any therefore overflowed Jung Boxer, but the son of the late boxer Apollo Creed - known to all as ring opponents, Coach and friend Rocky Balboa. As is clear for Balboa, that he has to care for the boy, and he supports him in his boxing career.

The seventh part of the „Rocky“-Franchise will be released on 25. November 2015 In U.S.&A. he When finally released in German cinemas strikes, not yet known.