Disney Pixar's latest strip „Coco“ stands in the wings. the 19. Pixar strip was by filmmaker duo with director Lee Unkrich („Finding Nemo“, „Toy Story 3“) and producer Darla K. Anderson („Cars“, „Toy Story 3“) made, this provides the Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino („Above“, „The Incredibles“) the soundtrack. I was content anyway always from „Day of the Dead“ impressed and fascinated by the worship of death in Mexico. more „Coco“ learn on the official Film side of Disney, from 30. November läuftder film in our cinemas.

In „Coco“ it is about the famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz, is what also idolized even after his death. The most famous musicians of the whole country is also angeschwärmt Miguel. Devotion to him he can not leave it, secretly touching his famous guitar. What Miguel has no idea, he opens the door to the land of the dead and finds himself along with his dog Dante in an exciting adventure with crazed, witty characters again. It applies not only to its primordial ancestors, but also on Hector, which should help him, to find the way back home. But that is easier said than done! Miguel needs to the blessing of his relatives, who only want to allow him to return, he forever on the Music waived.