Finally an official Trailer for long retained filming of Paranormal Activity 2-creator Tod Williams. The apocalyptic thriller leads John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson to „1408“ again with Stephen King together and get on 8. spendiert July this year about Saban film a limited theatrical release. At the 10. June one must „Cell“ already bring about relevant VoD services home and be there live, if goes the civilized world as we know and in Boston. The film accompanies alongside John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson also Isabelle Fuhrman (The Tribute of Panem) through a devastated, apocalyptic landscape, in any wrong step could lead horrific consequences. There is only one salvation: Get out of the destroyed city. The way to it paves a template from the pen of Stephen King, the person sought to the script. Samuel L. Jackson plays the former soldier Tom McCourt, flees with John Cusack movie character Clay Riddell from Boston, after the city was suddenly afflicted by an apocalyptic plague.

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EXCLUSIVE: John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson Team Up Against Rabid Killers in 'Cell' Trailer