Matt Ross, the „Captain Fantastic“ staged, is actually a priority actor and has in films such as „American Psycho“ (2000) and „In the body of the enemy“ (1997) and series like „American horror Story“ and „Silicon Valley“ played. „Captain Fantastic“ was after his debut film „28 Hotel Rooms“ (2012) the second work, which was created under his direction, and to which he again wrote the script itself. As lead actor for Captain Fantastic Matt Ross could engage the like occurring in indie films Viggo Mortensen, of his role of Aragorn in „The Lord of the Rings“ has become world famous and the life without working power- and water supply in the post-apocalyptic drama „The Road“ (2009) has already been tested cinematically. As Supporting Actor Frank Langella him were (Robot and Frank - Two thieving accomplice), Steve Zahn (Sahara - desert adventure) and Missi Pyle (Gone Girl - The perfect victim) set aside.

„Captain Fantastic“ is not a superhero, but only a simple man, actually Ben (Viggo Mortensen) ie. Ben is the father of no less than six relatively young children and lived with his daughters and sons for many years in the forests of the Pacific Northwest in the US state of Washington. Their existence was the family there dispute with the simplest means and a self-catering, far away from the latest technology and the noise and pace of the rest of the world. Now Ben returns from this pristine world in modern society. But if the return to civilization represents an enormous challenge even for himself, so is the reintegration of its children much more difficult, because they have a life outside the forest previously never met.