2002 came Eli Roth „Cabin Fever“ in den US&A on the market, Now there are 2016 to see the remake. The new „Cabin Fever“ was Travis Nicholas Zariwny („Space Soldiers“) staged, Eli Roth produced the Horror-shocker. When the film with u.a. Matthew Daddario, Gage Golightly and Dustin Ingram will be seen with us, not yet known.

A group college students planning a party weekend in an isolated cabin in the woods. Once there, it is first fantastically beautiful: Young people swimming in the lake, drink and enjoy themselves. But then they are afflicted with a horrible virus, that their body gnaws. The residents of the nearby village Fear against infection and prey on the sick ...

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CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD