Friends, the legendary „Burning Man“-Festival is the summer 2017 held for the first time in Europe! „Burning Man“ is probably the most, mythenumrankenste and funkiest festival in the world. 1986 founded by Larry Harvey and Jerry James in San Francisco, , the festival since 1990 in Black Rock City in Nevada held. Recently, the festival 70’000 attracted people, build for a week an autonomous city - in the desert - often plagued by sandstorms, with their self-made vehicles, Sculptures and lodging like a scene from Mad Max recalls. It is the most beautiful dystopia, one can well imagine. Only eight days celebrating their people from around the world art, Music and itself. is the motto of the Dutch version „Where The Sheep Sleep“ (Where the sheep sleep) loud and the US version inferior to nothing in purely…

Burning Man Festival is coming to Europe

from 29. to 31. July 2017 you can in Veluwe Netherlands, just 80 km from Amsterdam and 70 Located km from the German border, in this magical world of enchanted forests, Immerse natural fields and rivers. The fact that the festival next year take place there, was known, as the organizers of the „Burning Man“-Festival in Nevada whole 3600 purchased hectares of land in the desert, to enlarge the festival. A first impression of the site get her on the above photo. looking for more information about the festival but just to the Facebook Page of „Burning Man“ past.