Starting next Monday, the 23. More, shows Boomerang, the family channel of Turner Germany, the first season of the series „Bunnicula“, always Monday to Friday at 15:45 PM German premiere. In the Warner Bros. Animation produced animated series is about Bunnicula, a Vampierhasen, sucks the blood instead of the juice from vegetables. The series is based on the children's book of James and Deborah Howe, which since its release in 1979 was sold over eight million copies and won numerous awards.

The series takes place in an old mysterious residential buildings in New Orleans. There you will find the 13-year-old Mina someday "Bunnicula", locked in a chamber, deep down in the cellar. Immediately Mina love with the strange rabbit and adopts him as a pet, unknowing, that he possesses supernatural powers. "Bunnicula" attracts so many strange creatures, against it fight and before he has to protect Mina. And at the same time he must be a dear Bunny. Mina has two other pets. Chester, the paranoid hangover, does not trust the Vampierhasen. He finds that "Bunnicula" constitutes a threat and want to get rid of him prefer. By contrast, Harold, the clumsy family dog, "Bunnicula" very much and sees him as his cool, flying friend.

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