Blood Feast - Poster

Uber 50 Years after h.g. Lewis‘ macabre cannibal shocker „Blood Feast“ has director Marcel Walz made a remake on the legs. And generous with blood, as the following TRAILER proves. Im Film mit Robert Saunter, Sophie Monk and Caroline Williams pulls Fuad Ramses with his family to France, where they operate an American Dinner. Due to poor current transactions he is however forced, in addition to working as a night watchman in a museum with objects from the Egyptian culture. Shortly thereafter, he feels under the spell of a statue of the divine Ishtar. Fuad then begins a new life full of murder and cannibalism. To honor his new champion, he organized an extraordinary feast, in the blood, Organs and body parts are consumed. Fuad expires always more madness - so much, that even his wife and daughter are no longer longer safe from him, because Ishtar demands even after their blood…

Blood Feast Trailer (2016) - Official Remake