„Bleed for This“ erzählt nach wahren Ereignissen die Geschichte des 1962 born boxer „Vinny Paz“, the title in the lightweight, Light Middleweight and Super Middleweight took. Shortly after he became champion of the junior middleweight, Pazienza was in his car on 12. November 1991 However, in an accident and broke his neck. Instead of giving up and accepting, that he might run Nevermore, geschweige denn kämpfen würde, trainierte er entgegen des Rats seiner Ärzte weiter. Trotz der drei Monate in seinen Schädel geschraubten „Halo“-holding device, condition is 13 Months after his accident in the ring again, defeating his opponent Luis Santana. Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart, in „Bleed for This“ Play Boxer and Mentor, were previously in „Rabbit Hole“ together on camera. Ahead Miles coached plate, who had been implicated himself in his youth in a serious car accident, with boxing trainer Darrell Foster, der schon Will Smith für Ali in Form gebracht hatte.

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