The biopic Birth of the Dragon portrays Bruce Lee's fighting Kung Fu Master Wong Jack Man in 1964. At the time, called the Bruce Grandmaster Wong Jack Man, a revered kung fu fighter, out for a No-Holds-Barred KO, ie a fight with a technical knock-out, out. Both were in a quasi-random duel against. The end result was more than controversial, but promised especially for Bruce Lee a turning point in his life. The fight with Jack Man marked Lee's transition to professional tournament fighting and acting engagements. Likewise, he then developed his own martial arts philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. The screenplay for 2Birth of the Dragon“ was by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. written Rivele, already in biopics „Nixon – The downfall of a president“ and „Ali“ participated on the scripts. The biopic celebrated at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016 its premiere.