The death The basis for new growth. Bios Incube wants to produce a biodegradable urn, which should provide some afterlife. In the incubator of Bios Incube can be after the death of the urn along with ashes put. On top of it is a control element with WLAN-Module placed, that can be controlled via app and regulates the amount of water supplied from the integrated 11-liter tank, However, other parameters such as temperature, analyzed electrical conductivity of the earth and Humidity. This technological support to ensure, that from the seed in the urn actually a tree grows, of the ashes of the dead, or in a new, converted living organism. At least if you have a mobile device with iOS- or Android-has operating system.

Of course, it does not really need, the product of Bios Incube, Trees grew indeed already, when there was no app for that. For city dwellers Bios Incube should however be a place, where the deceased or the reliable is the tree - and can be seen here. With the smart box you can say both his connection to nature, as well as its Love bring modern technology to express. The urn itself currently costs 120 Euro, the whole package with Bios Incube currently 450 Euro, wherein the final price between 600 and 700 is expected to be EUR. The global shipping is in March 2017 start. More information can be found on the related Kickstarter project page.