For years taking the Belgian Illustrator Adrian Noterdae I (DNA) Pop culture figures from film and television, transforming them into the cartoon style Simpsons. Here a collection of the latest creations from the movies The Force Awakens, Lethal Weapon, Machete, Dr. Strange, Gollum, Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Prince, Daredevil, iZombie, Jay & Silent Bob, Thor and The Expendables. More of them are available in the Gallery at TVOM

The Answer Simpsonized

Lethal Weapon Simpsonized

Dr. Strange Simpsonized

machete Simpsonized

Gollum Simpsonized

Game of Thrones Oberyn Simpsonized

Game of Thrones Eddard Simpsonized

Game of Thrones Drogo Simpsonized

Game of Thrones Renly Simpsonized

Prince Simpsonized

Lucifer Simpsonized

star wars king Simpsonized

Rocky IV Simpsonized

Daredevil Simpsonized

iZombie Simpsonized

Thor Simpsonized

Jay and Silent Bob Simpsonized

The Expendables Simpsonized