Although the final English title of the horror film is „Before I Wake“, previously, however, the strip was under the name „dreams“ twisted. If this title has been retained, would have „Before I Wake“ the third film by Mike Flanagan in his series horror-classifiable works, which consist only of a single Latin word, namely Absentia (2011) and Oculus (2013). the director was the genre experienced Thomas Jane for his project (The fog, Dreamcatcher, The Punisher) and Kate Bosworth (21, Still Alice - My Life Without Yesterday) win as protagonists.

„In Before I Wake“ itself decides the Boy Jessie couple (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane) to, the parentless orphan Cody (Jacob Tremblay) to adopt, to nevertheless found a real family after the death of her son. the 8 Year-old is a lovable and good child, but which to all appearances Fear before has, go to sleep. Initially assume his new parents are still at, that his aversion due to retire to put bad experiences from previous foster families in bed, but quickly they are disabused. In truth Cody's fear stirred namely therefore, that his dreams - especially his nightmares - a reality, while he sleeps. everything, what the boy dreams, assumes physical form and as the orphan has a lively imagination, Jessie advised and Mark through his night terrors manifested soon in great danger. To stop the spook, must try the new family, uncover the secret behind the nightmares of the boy, because otherwise the gloomy figures are, calls on Cody's imagination to life, they cost soon necks.