Before I Wake - Poster

at the 9. September is the horror-calling Thrillers by various shifts finally in American cinema. To match this, the TRAILER, showing, that nightmares sometimes really can come true. Oculus-creator Mike Flanagan (Absentia) converts with „Before I Wake“ again between delusion and reality. His latest directing project describes the emotional horror story of an orphan boy (Jacob Tremblay), whose dreams - and nightmares - grisly during sleep reality. „Before I Wake“ explores the relationship between him and his new foster parents, the view from then confronted with frightening phases intensive terror. What horrors Kate Bosworth, known from „Black Rock“ or „Straw Dogs - sows Who violence“ must make and Fog Actor Thomas Jane caught doing, shown in the following trailer…

'Before I Wake' (2016) Official Horror Trailer, Starring Kate Bosworth & Thomas Jane