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was a result of the financial difficulties of Produktionsschmiede Relativity Media „Before I Wake“, the new film by Mike Flanagan Oculus director, repeatedly postponed, but now the end of the lean period is now in sight. Already on 24. November 2016 starts the horror thriller this country in theaters, which is why it is now the official German TRAILER are seen. Kate Bosworth (Straw Dogs - sows Who violence) and Thomas Jane (The cult - The dead come back) play in „Before I Wake“ the couple Jessie and Mark, almost breaks the accidental death of his son, until they decide, den achtjährigen Cody, verkörpert von Newcomer Jacob Tremblay (Space), to adopt. Schnell schliessen die beiden den schüchternen und sensiblen Jungen in ihr Herz, müssen aber schon bald feststellen, that it has a special, often uncanny ability has. Night für Nacht werden seine Wunsch- und Albträume Wirklichkeit, what brings the family sometime in great danger…

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Trailer BEFORE I WAKE (German) with Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane