yes! Ever heard of the Categorical Imperative, Asshole? Jan Böhmermann mit einem grossartigen Rammstein Cover und das muss ich mir einfach in den Blog kleben:

The World Goes! Europe feels so weak, that it is of 0,3% threatened refugees looks, America is on the verge to choose a man, in which no one really knows, Who's pulling the strings under the toupee and as if that were not all bad enough, you have to be taught even just from Germany about now, how to behave morally right. Ironically, Germany! They have not even won a world war!

The World Goes, because they do not get along with the many information. Reizüberflutung total. Because of your own mind and ownership asked suddenly. Many are completely overwhelmed and scared and want a person, to them the way in the networked, postmodern world shows… the sheep need a leader…

Trust our Teuronic expertise, we know where assholery leads.