Now everyone has their own Wolverine-like claws can build thanks to the wearable sensor platform Muscle. The project is located on Kickstarter, but already fully funded. The tutorial to own claws to build on Find Makezine. In order to serve the bearing claws, you should allow some time for their assembly. Many of the parts must be printed using a 3D printer, the data it can Downloaded GitHub will. Moreover, some electronics is required, make it work, not only off by simply tensing the muscles, the claws, but also retract again.

Our tutorial will teach you to build bionic claws using our fourth-generation muscle sensor, the MyoWare. Simply flex your forearm muscle and *SNIKT*, a fraction of a second later the 4 inch claws extend out. Relax your forearm to retract the claws. We’ve even added a muscle-activated locking mechanism in case you want the claws to stay out without keeping your muscle flexed.