Bad Blood: The Movie - Poster

Friends, you all know werewolves, a creature, half human, half wolf. In „Bad Blood“ is about a – erm, Werfrosch. Yes read that right, a Werfrosch! Sounds great for me, but I Love as we all know, also trashy B-movies. I love it, if estimated 70% hike the budget of a B-movies in the effects. I can sometimes do without a good script, wherein the plot of „Bad Blood: The movie“ sounds really interesting:

Parents suspect drugs are behind their missing daughter (played by Mary Malloy) and hire a private investigator (Troy Halverson) to get her back. The reality, However, is much worse: a horrific amphibian attack has left the girl infected with a mutagenic disease. As he connects her disappearance to unethical scientists and a secret laboratory, the disease takes it’s course, transforming her into a hideous Monster and murderer. In the end, the only person who can really bring her back is the sacrifice of a very special hostage.

and the TRAILER also looks quite pretty! The dialogues are perhaps a bit weak, but that is in the circumstances perfectly fine. As long as the poor girl still busy tearing off heads and turned into a frog monster, I'm happy. The film is now first shown at several festivals, an exact release is not yet known, therefore,. Especially not for our latitudes. In return you can also yes to the matching Facebook-Fanpage Keep up to date…