I like it!

As yet no sequel to „Back to the Future“-Trilogy is planned, has its own fan Martin McGregor Fake-TRAILER zusammengebastelt and in his YouTube channel VJ4rawr2 released. The visual material belongs among others commercials, der Michael J. Fox Show, but also from other movies like Scary movie 5, Pirates of the Caribbean or Jurassic Park. When it comes to sound design he has something very geschludert, but he is apparently also not a professional. Still, I like very much just such works. He had an idea and has them with its very limited possibilities lovingly converted. Since a lot of work's inside. Towards the end of the trailer there is a little messy, but he nevertheless conveyed his idea to the end. We see today's Doc Brown. One sees an aged Marty McFly. You can rotate its head cinema. Then you can really imagine a fourth part of the trailer based on once. Now I want to just also see this part. This will not happen, unfortunately,…

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Back to the Future 4 TRAILER 2017 - Parody