Music to supposedly help the fetus to develop and make the child smarter and more creative later. The speaker „Babypod“ wants music bring to the fetus, But something unusual way: Directly above the vagina of the mother.

Babypod: This speaker is inserted into the vagina

Today mothers beschallen her fetus musically quite conventional manner on a home stereo or by adhering headphones to belly. A company from Spain wants to take the direct route and now has for the speaker „Babypod“ developed, which is inserted into the vagina like a tampon. In the body inside the Babypod brings music with a volume of 54 Decibels to the ears of the unborn child - about the noise level of a quiet conversation. The ears of the fetus should not be damaged as, promise the makers. They also believe in the benefit of their Invention: „Scientific studies, that communication the- promotes and language skills of babies, when his music is played before birth.“

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