„Attack of the Lederhosenzombies“ is Trash made in Austria and in addition romantic Alpine panoramas will be seen here also a lot of blood. Even entitled proves Director Dominik Hartel, that in Zombie-Genre anything is possible. When is the Horror-Comedy is seen, not yet known, but at least there is a Trailer, the likely fuel the anticipation for genre fans. As a performer with this are u. a. Laurie Calvert, Gabriela Marcinková, Patricia Aulitzky, Margarete Tiesel and Karl Fischer.

The professional snowboarder Steve (Laurie Calvert) was hired for a commercial, but during the shooting it fails and ruined the shots. He, his girlfriend Branka (Gabriela Marcinkova) and his buddy Josh (Oscar Dyekjær Giese) are left in the mountains. In a ski lodge they seek refuge, but there they expect next après-ski also Zombies and mutated wildlife.

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ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSENZOMBIES Teaser Trailer (2016) Zombie Splatter Comedy