Here is a first real TRAILER to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“, welche dieses Jahr zu Halloween auf dem US-Fernsehsender Starz als Serie starten soll. The ten-part first season of the half-hour series is the highly anticipated sequel to the horror film franchise „The Evil Dead“. Besides Bruce Campbell as Ash, are in other roles Lucy Lawless („Xena“) als Ruby, a mysterious figure, Ash believes is the trigger of evil, Ray Santiago („Meet the Fockers“) als Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant, the loyal to Ash's Sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo („A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas“) als Kelly Maxwell, a moody tomboy, who tried to run away his past and Jill Marie Jones („Sleepy Hollow“) als Amanda Fisher, a fallen into disfavor Michigan State Trooper, is looking for Ash, to him for the grisly murder of her Partner to account. The production in New Zealand is in full swing.

The plot of the play so far ten episodes planned 30 Years after the events of the Dance of the Devil- or Evil Dead trilogy. In the last 30 Ash years has shied away from taking responsibility, to grow up and to face the Evil Dead. But the demons have regained Ash, which is why it must resort to the chainsaw again. As the trailer shows, we can look forward to a bloody, entertaining goodbye.


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