This is nice right! On September 1, it is finally time. Then falls at the start of Amazon Prime „Ash vs Evil Dead“. Long we had to wait for a publication in this country. Now there is the first German TRAILER, we know the images already, new is the voice of lead actor Bruce Campbell. His figure of Ash Williams is spoken in German by Jan Spitzer. Thus separates Campbells dubbing Ekkehardt Belle, the 1981 for the film "The Evil Dead" lent his voice from. I find, the voice of Jan Spitzer fits quite well and could one the other or occur also known. Because Spitzer already lent Chris Cooper, Danny Trejo and especially Brad Garrett his voice. So friends erkt you the 1.9.2016, and then there's all the episodes of the first season of „Ash vs Evil Dead“ at a stroke, and the second season, still follows this year - and the completely uncut!