Meanwhile, nearly a year since the US premiere of 1. Season of „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ passed and until recently remained uncertain, when fans would this country come back to benefit from Bruce Campbell as Ash. Now an end to the waiting time seems to be within reach. As has been found, shall „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ soon on the Video-Portal Amazon Prime to come to our shores. This emerges from a new entry in the database of the FSK, where the third episode of the first season is listed with a KJ released. In the coming days would therefore be expected to continue examination results. Officially, Amazon Prime did not want to comment on the plans regarding a German publication date. Dubbed the first season but is already. Who anyway mitgeschaut already on the American original Starz, comes here soon his money. The second season is about time Halloween in October on the air and a first, delightfully bloody trailer here

Ash vs. Evil Dead: finally commercially
(via Rated, Schnittberichte)