Der Science-Fiction-Film „Approaching the Unknown“ Reminiscent of „The Martians – Rettet Mark Watney“. It is not only the same goal, which connects the two spaceships along with astronauts, the loneliness of an astronaut is in the foreground. Directed the science fiction film of unknown Mark Elijah Rosenberg leads, of the script to „Approaching the Unknown“ wrote. How in TRAILER can see, focuses of Boy Filmmaker less on special effects but rather on the psychological horror, caused, if a person several days and months on an impossible mission is alone in the universe on the go will have to face difficult decisions. In U.S.&A coming „Approaching the Unknown“ at the 3. June 2016 released in theaters and at the same time as VoD. When and if this will be the case in our region, it is not clear yet.

Der NASA-Astronaut Captain William D. Stanaforth (Mark Strong) prepares for his flight to Mars. He leaves for his family, although the one-man flight will probably only be a way of no return. The plan, although it is different, but when collapsing the life support systems of the vessel, also Stanaforth is struggling with problems.