Another Deadly Weekend - Poster

the horror-Slasher „Another Deadly Weekend“ (im Original „Muck“) gets scarier advantage and leads a killer into the field, the help from the Moor- as unsuspecting tourists attacks. Embodies is this the debut of Steve Wolsh by none other than Jason Voorhees himself, namely Genre icon Kane Hodder (Hatchet series, Friday. 13). And does exactly, what he does best: look eerily frightening and. The story is told by six friends, which arrive on a weekend together at Cape Cod. What they do not yet Knowledge, the nearby swamps are home to an ancient horror, which has been waiting for the arrival of the party seeking group. „Muck“ is the central core of Muck trilogy and is 2016 to the prequel „Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick“ and a yet untitled sequel expands. at the 14. July celebrates the film German home cinema premiere with Lachlan Buchanan, Puja Mohindra, Bryce Draper and Stephanie Danielson in Cast.

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