„Annabelle 2“ is in the box and makes 2017 für ein schauriges Comeback der unberechenbaren horror-Doll. With his successor travels „Lights out“-Creator David F. Sandberg in die Vergangenheit zurück und ergründet die Ursprünge der teuflisch besessenen Horror-Puppe aus James Wans Geisterspuk „The Conjuring“. The focus of the events are a Dollmaker and his wife, the record twenty years after the tragic death of their young daughter a nun and the residents of an orphanage with him. However, it does not take long, bis diese der verfluchten Schöpfung des Puppenmachers zum Opfer fallen. Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings) slips into the role of reclusive, disfigured wife. Other Parts assume Stephanie Sigman (Spectre), Talitha Bateman (The 5th Wave), Lulu Wilson (Ouija 2), Philippa Anne Coulthard (After the Dark), Grace Fulton (Badland), Lou Lou Safran (The choice) and Samara Lee (Fox Catcher, The Last Witch Hunter).