„Walking Dead: Road to Survival“ impressively demonstrates that the Zombie-Hatz also works in a mixture of RPG and construction simulation. Key Issues „Walking Dead: Road to Survival“ are the establishment of a secure accommodation, Quarrels within the group, Conflicts with other survivors and of course the fight against the undead. All these aspects mixed the Android-A clever game, with some gameplay Mechnismen work better than others, or simply fit better.

Android game: So gut ist "Walking Dead: Road to Survival"

To one to anticipate: Who has not yet reached in the comics by Robert Kirkman to prison, should read first and then gamble. Fortunately, relatively little is then but reveal about the events surrounding Rick and his group of survivors, of „Walking Dead: Road to Survival“ focuses more on a subplot. This story, in the form of very appealing Comic-Stills and German texts are told, is consistently exciting and similar to the TV series and the comic book grow one of the many main characters and supporting cast quickly to the heart. Certain actions also affect the rest of the game from. Here, the Android gamers the question must then regularly ask, which person he should leave. This is anything but easy, but what is easy in a world full Zombies?

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At the beginning of the game you have to invest quite a lot of time in the construction of a base. With the right materials new houses can be raised, among other things, thereby standing by certain products, the then new survivors, So useful labor, attract. That's all quite nice set in scene and it also suits „The Walking Dead“, many new things but is not offered and who has already gained experience with the one or other strategy title, will probably be bored slightly. Luckily, there are still the spassigeren Action proportion or the demanding RPG battles. The actually fit so not for zombie theme, because the survivors run away rather from the undead, instead of seeking the direct conflict. but so be it, What matters, is the gameplay and this really is an outstanding success. An RPG veteran you have not fortunately, to understand the game mechanics, but it requires a bit tactical fate, to avoid being overrun by the zombies.

Android game: So gut ist "Walking Dead: Road to Survival"

It is particularly important, let go of the strengths of each survivor at the right moment on the undead and to plan ahead. So Glenn is as nimble and handing out fast, other fighters have for more fire power or stronger protective clothing. Are the battles won, be the fellow with always rewarding new skills, Also, existing values ​​are improved. During the struggle for survival there are also always new Weapons and equipment, whereby the fighter to survive against stronger zombies. This ancient formula of fighting, unlock and optimize work in Walking Dead: Road to Survival extremely well, thereby being always motivated, weiterzuzocken. The Android-title offers in addition to the single-player campaign and a nice multiplayer mode on, where the player can compete against other human gamers. Since it with you „Walking Dead: Road to Survival“ is a Free2Play title, There are also in-game purchases, pull up faster, for example, a building. Elle long waits are Android gamers, who want to invest any real money, not exposed to happiness here.

Android game: So gut ist "Walking Dead: Road to Survival"

„Walking Dead: Road to Survival“ combines an exciting story, challenging RPG-fighting and the characters from the successful zombie saga. How well engages all, surprised me personally and to Ehrlich I reckoned to be the Android game with a typical „Royalty-cucumber“. the better, that it is different. Although everything is not super, so the construction part is rather unspectacular, but this small deficiency is to get over. The Game is thus a clear recommendation for all fans of the TV series and comic series as well as for Android gamers, appreciate the tactical RPG fighting Knowledge.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Developer: Scopely
Price: Free+