Amateur Teens“ directed by Niklaus Hilber (45, „Cannabis - Try before Governance“) raises questions: If our young people really so nasty and dirty? Is it normal, that 14 Ever have sex on the brain and their smartphone in hand years? For his research, the director has worked for half a year with two secondary classes together, discussed with the students about social media and the first sex. „I was surprised, What experiences have you already made“, He summarizes. „I've heard stories, the even were far more tragic than those in the film.“ With „Amateur Teens“ he wanted to shake up the audience and force a confrontation. „I describe a world, the adult remains largely closed - the world of teens and their type, to introduce in the social media.“

It tells the story of 14-year-old Lara, which will come into a new class and once the target of Oberzicke Milena and her clique. Clear, Lara has also just 42 Facebook-Friends. „Thus a victim, full asocial“, Judge for the girls. And then Lara untenrum is also unshaven. A nude photo with the headline „Taliban-Girl“ is distributed via Whatsapp, Lara is on the ground destroyed. Only when she has sex at the same time at a party with five guys, is suddenly the celebrated heroine.

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