The Apollo program was known as the space project of the United States, that for the first and so far only time people took to the moon. The program was between NASA 1961 and 1972 operated. The first manned moon landing even played on 20. July 1969 instead of. Nach fünf weiteren Landungen wurde das Programm 1972, auch aus Kostengründen, set. Since that time no one has to date again walk on the moon.

Neil Smith kennt sich offenbar für das Apollo-Programm der NASA aus, sondern hat auch ein Faible für Animationssoftware. So hat Smith seine Interessen zusammengebracht und für das folgende Video All 17 Apollo-Patches animated and that is him very horny managed.

I’ve always thought it would Be cool to animate all the mission patches from NASA’s manned moon missions. So when looking for a short project to do while teaching myself a bit more about the Octane renderer for C4D, this seemed like the perfect choice. Lots of different materials, texturing techniques, etc.

Special thanks to NASA for all the super cool, high res public domain imagery, free 3D models and for going to the moon in the first place!

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Apollo Mission Patches