„The Other“ do not apply without reason as one of the most popular bands of the horror-Punks in Europa. The mix of Punk, Horror and Goth is fans of hard Music Yes since the Misfits or Danzig in the ears. to mix punk music with sounds of other subgenres and with a (Horror-)To garnish Image is flat per se times not a bad recipe. The similarly acting competition is „The Other“ rarely high advance and yet you have to soberly notice: For the great career it was enough „The Other“ yet. After the last disc and the withdrawal of some band members, is still life in the old corpse. In a horror movie series in the sixth part is usually deflated or she would have to reinvent. But movies are no plates.

The Other - Fear Itself

Fewer than three years have passed since the publication of the last „The Other“ Albums „The Devils You Know“ went into the country. a time, in which the cast carousel turned so violently, that the band for a while almost entirely of singer Rod Usher and drummer Dr. Caligari Bestand. But with Pat Laveau (Guitar), Ben Crowe (Guitar) and Aaron Torn (bass) one has found an adequate replacement and is even grown from quartet to quintet. In this line, the group released now with „Fear Itself“ their sixth album. But despite the occupation change the really big surprises in contained herein remain 14 Tracks from. You heard, Now that two guitarists are at the start, but otherwise are located „The Other“ remained faithful. The troops from NRW has now been 2002 road and despite constantly changing musicians, especially bassist, has not suffered their music.

The Other - Band

The Cologne Horror punk band is an integral part of the German scene, but you should at „The Other“ do not take the word punk too literally, because the sound is stylistically more on Metal oriented. So on „Fear Itself“, that again by Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Tiamat, Moonspell) was produced, already on „The Devils You Know“ Directed by and for „New Blood“ (2010) the final sound mix designed. Reliance on the new album „The Other“ again on a broad base of different style elements. What the record company as in its letter Promo „traditional Metal Opener“ is designated „No more“. And exactly this song makes it clear, what difficulties „The Other“ will have the Durchschnittsfan well, Because this song is as primarily „German Punk“ to understand, has nothing to do with the rest of the album. Me personally disturbs the musical variety wealth not, Critics might keep this wide range of style elements but for a lack of orientation.


The record company sees, for example, elements of „Thin Lizzy“, „Iron Maiden“, but also „The Cult“ and „Danzig“. And then there's just been the punk and in my opinion a shot „The Visiom Bleak“, which is probably due to the orientation of the dark subject. All in all, not bad, but unusual and possibly somewhat unpredictable. Right after the intro blares the addressed „No more“ from the speakers, wherein for the first time venturing Cologne mind, to present the opener in German. Just after the „Unholy-Skirt“, she for the song „Eternity“ suffered their last record, This was a courageous step. „The Other“ provide here a veritable punk track, both the fans „Toten Hosen“ as well as the „Böhse Onkelz“ will celebrate. The rage of the 80s penetrates from the line, manifested in the riffs of the guitars and the furious beats of the drums. Big movies at the beginning.

The Other - Logo

Then begins the descent into the darker realms. „Bloodsucker“ is one of the most expressive songs. Inspired by 12 Claudia years of Anne Rice „Interview with a Vampire“ playing the track with the fact, that not immortality always is desirable. To remain always twelve? It is similar to the following „Black Sails Against A Midnight Sky“ and „Dreaming Of The Devil“ to. At „Black Sails Against A Midnight Sky“ convince the guitar melodies, but I can not really abgewinnen something and the chorus like only moderately singing Usher. Perhaps the schema, after the pieces are written, a little too predictable, or lacked the very large, brilliant idea. The chorus to „Dreaming of the Devil“ ie it then „Dreaming, Dreaming of the Devil / You know it’s gonna be alright“, what seems somehow half-baked. In itself a nice up-tempo number, which will look good on the dance floor.


„Doll Island – Island of the Dolls“ I find rather interesting, because „Island of the Dolls“ is an island in the channels prior to Mexico City, on which – to match the name – hanging hundreds of mutilated toy dolls in the trees. The story behind these dolls, that they were hung on the island around the GEIST to drive a drowned near the island girl. But back to the music, because this is well done on the sixth title. The song begins with a quiet Part, the most part of Bass and rare, slightly distorted guitars supported, while Usher, the story of the drowned girl with half geflüstertem singing initiates. Then the title goes to a classic Heavy Metal Part, followed by shallow, successful melodies. Hammer Komposition! When a horror punk band with the atrocities of World War II sets apart, takes a look at the current situation and together count one and one, then a song comes as „German Fear“ out. When groups such as the Pegida you look at, one recognizes, how terrible is currently the subject still. „German Angst“ is a leaden metal number, the right Bock makes.


The second half of the album is basically a balancing act between mediocrity and upper class, as well as between metal and punk. While also really good songs like „In The Dark“ and „Screams In The Black House“ With this, sounds „Funeral March“ something too flashy for the title, although the vocals from Usher you might think, that Iggy Pop and Billy Idol in the stanza with standing in the room. In „The Price You Pay“ there is one of the best „The Other“-to hear choruses of all time. The vocals sound great and instrumental one has varied melodies, changing rhythms and great ideas in store. At „rise“ then comes the punk again more to train and sprayed content and visually Horror- und b-movie-aesthetics. Completed the album is the dramaturgical „Mephisto“, a very big hit, the selected toll as Rausschmeisser, because he makes Bock, reinzuhorchen again. Full removed recalls the „Mephisto“-Riff an „Subway to Sally“, although not at their eponymous song. The chorus, to excel in its simplicity hardly, Rods gloomy, langgezogenes „Mephisto“ with the cold, almost metallic acting line „call my name“ becomes a suspenseful whole, that can live very well implement.


„Fear Itself“ is a great album, that hide in no way behind his predecessor has. Because after the last album half the band members are drawn away to new regions, It was clear, that „Fear Itself“ would sound different. Just by the second guitar sound now comes voluminous and therefore more pressure. This can be seen especially on songs like „Funeral March“, with its strong bass track, is fanned out beautifully by the two guitars. Thanks Pat Laveau and Ben Crowe to Sechssaitern and Aaron Torn on bass and the powerful blows of Doc Caligari start the bouncer Mephisto with incredible force, which would not have been possible before. Hopefully, the five guys for a while remain together, given that cooperation can yearn for future plates. The tape shows, there is nothing to fear except fear itself. They in any case go fearlessly their way and can not slow down even the departure of band members. A little fresh air seems to have the band on the contrary, even well done. A few small surprises would „Fear Itself“ possibly can still tolerate, But „The Other“ Stay true to yourself and thereby. The 80s Punk Rock- Rock-, Horror mix runs through the whole album. In addition to a well dosed dash of salt are found indeed a well or two hairs in the soup, but they are to get over – the bottom line makes the wheel fun, Rods voice is still beautiful to listen, recorded the tracks with a lot of verve and good atmosphere. Overall, there are many beautiful, small experiments, which enrich the album, without the thread to cut. Who „The Other“ additions already found good, is also „Fear Itself“ be satisfied. A recommendation is sufficient because of the entertainment value of the plate all! thumb high the horror movie from more! „Fear Itself“ is gruftig, but not mieft!



  1. Fear Itself
  2. No more
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Black Sails Against A Midnight Sky
  5. Dreaming of the Devil
  6. Doll Island - Island of the Dolls
  7. German Angst
  8. Screams In The Black House
  9. In The Dark
  10. The Price You Pay
  11. Funeral March
  12. Animal Instinct
  13. rise
  14. Mephisto
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