The Finnish punk rockers „The Backstabbers“ have recently released their EP „High Speed Rock’n’Roll“ published and it goes from like Schmitz cat. Who bands like Ramones, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Hellacopters, Chrome Division, The Cumshots, AC / DC and Motörhead is, should definitely consider this EP purely. The guys from „The Backstabbers“ leave it on this EP explosive fun and show us, that there are really good offspring even when Punk Rock!

The Backstabbers - High Speed Rock'n'Roll

„The Backstabbers“ were in 2013 founded in the heart of Lapland in Finland and consists of the Jesperi Mommo (Guitar/Vocals), Aleksi Titmouse (drums) und Scrooge Tapio (bass). Their sound is based on the early 80s and sizes as Peter Pan Speedrock, Ramones, The Clash und Metal-Bands like Motörhead or AC / DC and goes off like a suppository! The boys collect with their sound no claim to originality, but move, Considering how young the band, with much fanfare on to, to conquer the throne of punk rock.

The Backstabbers - Thundertrain

The trio has been 2 EPs and a single released and over the last two years 50 Played shows in Finland. Im September 2015 the band moved from the vast lands of Lapland, specifically from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, To bring things better ball rolling. And because they are on the right track, because the present EP convinced from A to Z.

The Backstabbers - Band

This great EP contains four tracks with strong energiegelande, gruff vocals, supported by punchy basslines, hard drums and guitar riffs make just huge fun. Does not need old school punk rock of its competition to fear. Here you will be tackled head on and shaken so right, as the feet automatically start to twitch.

The Backstabbers - This Town

When listening to this EP the young fan assumes inevitably the air guitar in his hand and rocking neatly from front of his home speakers, while the slightly older listeners can not move away from his chair, because this was immediately encircled by the imaginary drum kit. Hart pump ends Bass, drums, the chase forward and guitar work, the audible and lacking a rushing into the ear so right. The EP is full of heavy guitars riffs and Dirty Rock'n'Roll in uptempo.

The Backstabbers - Band

„The Backstabbers“ Slapping us „High Speed Rock’n’Roll“ a loud, violent, brachiales, fast and fun piece Music around the ears. Just great what can drain the trio for a steam with their musical instruments. This proves once again more, that it takes no more than three players, in order to provide a good album on the legs. Here you can feel downright joy and the sound is hot, Loud, dirty, sweaty and the four tracks blow the dried ears every Punkrockers free.

The Backstabbers - High Speed Rock'n'Roll


  1. Ain’t Going Home
  2. Thundertrain
  3. One For The Road
  4. This Town
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