The Doom Metallers „Phased“ rock for almost a decade, the stages of the world. The trio from the beautiful Basel Switzerland, originally founded as a stoner rock band, brings after a creative hiatus her already fourth album „Aeon“ on the market. So the three musicians have turned the screw and the sound known Doom freshened a little. A logical development, Psychedelic Doom, is the name of the band's sound and characterizes the new album.

Phased - Aeon

Imports coming from Basel „Phased“ has made in the course of her career with many live performances in the Doom scene a name. Through countless shows, with appearances at „Stoned From The Underground“, „Up in smoke“, the „Doom Shall Rise“-Festival and support slots with genre greats such as Orange Goblin, Mastodon and Spirit Caravan, the Swiss were able to say also on the live front and their Music presenting to a broad audience. Once founded as Stoner band, stand Phased nowadays for psychedelic Doom, leaden, hard and yet groovy, „Motor Doom“ as they call their music. arose after various predecessors formations „Phased“ in its present form in the year 2001. Six years after their last studio album, the band now releases the new and fourth album. The seven tracks of deep tuned guitars, sluggish rhythms and subtly menacing vocals were 2014 by Chris Sigdell, Marko Lehtinen and Michael Greilinger (Gastmusiker am Bass) bei Helium Records included in Basel, mixed by Richard Whittaker in London and mastered by Greg Chandler in Birmingham.

Phased - Aeon

With „Seed of Misery“ and catchy riff opens the boys album. A fat Doomer, the immediately brought roars the right mood and unequivocally shows, where the heavy "Hammer of Doom" depends. Slow and with sounddienlichem vocals, convinced the solid material, so you can speak without hesitation of a successful debut, Also, when the composition has a bit long-winded. The song fits well on a, what you get to hear the rest of the album. If you come in the third track „Eternal Sleep“ an, one wonders at the half of the songs inevitably, why the track is quieter. Insert This stylistic device which phased, to refresh the songs, can sometimes irritate some, but if you're getting into it,, this is quite refreshing. Strikingly, that besides the rooted in Doom elements, are truly heard everywhere, an associated portion was processed to Space rock influences.

With „Into the Gravity Well“ then the trio goes into the really fucking deep worlds of Funeral Doom. Plunging one can not descend into the catacombs of the Doom Metal, without self-set goals to lose sight. Now that's not meant negatively, Rather, this description is intended to make clear sound, Phased quite fathom that limits. The following songs are timeless Doom songs, which as already mentioned, always come up again and again with spacey psychedelic influences. Unfortunately occurs here with the time the dreaded slow disease, which one with a little more ingenuity and the resulting change, better in the right perspective could move. Atavism called a regression in the evolution and nothing could be more appropriate here, because the bouncer „The atavistic“ seems to be guided by the Stoner-past of the band. One of the most innovative tracks on the album, but according to the booklet the only song, of the non- „Phased“ itself was written.

Phased Logo

„Aeon“ is a Doom Album, which can can be heard more than once and has failed soundwise desired brachial. Doom meets Psychedelic! Speed ​​in Doom Metal is known to be as good as non-existent and so set „Phased“ its sluggish march continued through eschatological psychedelic forests, with abysmal guitars and rhythmic arrangements. What the trio missing something is the kick, that certain something, which should not be missed in Sludge and Doom. For predictable are the tracks and somehow there is a lack of „Suspense“, the eventually get to the climax and wanting more. Seven Tracks, which have ultimately on an enormous amount of potential, but unfortunately not fully savored. „Phased“ put the bar high, but considering Genre giants easy nor too little high, there's more in it! And yet, „Aeon“ is a good album! Who Psychedelic Doom like, will discover many striking passages and finally hang a contented engine Doom face. Thumbs up!


  1. The Seed of Misery
  2. Burning Paradigm
  3. Eternal Sleep
  4. Into the Gravity Well
  5. (Return of the) Son of the Sun
  6. Etched
  7. The atavistic
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