On „Seraphim“ is it according to the Bible to a higher angel race. Als Seraphim, the word means in Hebrew „The Burning“, be fiery, six-winged angel, hover around the throne of God and continually „Holy, Holy, Holy“ call, designated. At the same time „Seraphim“ the title of the end of August published debut of the German Black / Death Metal-Duos „new Street„, consisting of Sarghas and Nordmann, which incidentally still together at Nelandhir, Immorior and Yarr are active. „new Street“ treading new paths no, But what we have here, is an album, the many groups would be only too happy unravel in this genre itself. No perfect album, but alone is recommended due to its wealth of variety very!

new Street - Seraphim

In the present work of „new Street“ Is it a concept album. The Seraphim accuses, the people are made despite their lower impulses and selfish actions after the end of their life in the kingdom of heaven than his peers. God sends him straight to hell to the „Humanity“ to see, to experience and to learn. From the beginning, you will be part of the story of Seraphim and the steps extend from the first to the last chapter gradually toward the absolute darkness and despair, guided by pain and hate. The band „new Street“ consists of Sarghas, what specifically contributes lyrics and vocals and Nordmann, the ideal in programming, Mix and mastering familiar and both are equally responsible for instruments and composition.

new Street - Band

The album contains nine songs with a total playing time of around 38 Minutes. The cover of the debut album is kept in an expressionistic black and white, bringing oppressive, ominous pictures with it, the best fit to the basic atmosphere of the album. The German texts were written by Sarghas and are put up by him. Depending on the section and position of the protagonists vary the voice and the song can be found only words of praise, because this is all just perfect in the Lyrics immerse. For this purpose it but already requires a certain attention and especially about time, to let act to the whole album to be. If you do not bring both, dedicates itself to equal better something else.

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The sound is consistently good and the instruments properly mixed. Musically the album is based on blast beats and melodic riffs, which would fit together with the vocals on a folk metal album. the singer As mentioned changes vocally often between screams and growls and often, especially in the choruses is also clear vocals for use. Although the songs have a most significant playing time, is not tired they always back to listen again, because you always discover something new, which is a previously not noticed. There is no time such a thing as monotony or even boredom. The instrumental work of two men fits absolutely great for the theme of the album. on „Seraphim“ is giving the listener a lot, of furious, fies schreddernd, melodic heights up to quiet between tunes is everything with this.

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There is therefore a lot of variety on offer, by variations in the speed and the hardness of the Music, and the use of keyboards will find a wide spectrum of sound, the the epic melodies („Caught in eternity“) over slightly progressive songs („In false freedom“) to aggressive demolition („Son of hatred“) enough. But the drums at „In false freedom“ sweeps a the beetle out of the room and absolutely great and a listening tip my one is the song „Acheron“, because this skin a smooth away the turnip!

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„Seraphim“ loses even after several runs of anything in intensity or atmosphere. No title sounds like another and the shekel is a very solid debut, that you can listen to quite often, comes without the boredom. Just to get the texts of „new Street“ speak to come to, you should really take the time for this, for since I came to terms ears, I did not know until now. It was said to look up while you also learn something on top. Man merkt, that was not just carelessly hingerotzt with this album something, but much emphasis is placed on detail. „Seraphim“ is a thoroughly enjoyable Black / Death Metal album and the way through hell would underlaid music, it is considered that with „Seraphim“ the soundtrack in hands.


  1. Caught in eternity
  2. Down from light
  3. In the realm of emptiness
  4. Marter
  5. In Flames rain
  6. Cherubim
  7. Acheron
  8. In false freedom
  9. Son of hatred

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