Based on the story from Greek mythology from stolen fire, which was brought to humans by the demigod Prometheus to the earth, published the melodic death metallers „Nothgard“ Now their second album „Age of Pandora“. Even today, opening the „Bush of Pandora“, through which came all the evil in the world, to get people to punish them for having stolen fire, a always recurring theme in News, books and Music. „Nothgard“ lay with her second album, the chain mail, Shields and swords from, detach from her influenced by Norse mythology image and open to new inspiration. So the five Lower Bavaria reject its new plant to said Pandora's box, and so let on the debut album still existing folk passages links lie.

Nothgard - Age of Pandora

Nothgard was end 2008 founded in Bavaria in Deggendorf and brought 2009 their first demo recording to the people. 2010 they started with various shows in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in April 2011 was their debut album „Warhorns of Midgard“ released. Nothgard could equal her frischern style mix of authentic, anmutigem Viking-Metal, maintain rich Melo-Death-bonds and folkloric influence in the Pagan Metal scene. Now the brave Vikings return to the addition of a yet unusual for this division third guitar and proudly show us their long-iron „Age of Pandora“. After Midgard therefore follows Pandora.

Nothgard - Band

The shekel begins with the epic, sinfonischen Intro „of light and shadow“, which the handset with approximate „Hans-room Quality“ Although ideal match to the disc, would, however, where a reduction is not necessarily harmed, the joy to get the long term by. After disem intro here we go with the title of the album donor „Age of Pandora“. Here it is shown, what can be, without falling into technical Gefrickel and at the beginning it is clear, here is clearly the composition in the foreground. Dynamic and powerful show Nothgard, what they have to offer. The fact that they compete directly with three guitars, can pretty much expect - and these do not remain unfulfilled, because on „Age Of Pandora”“ is a kinds on offer.


Here, everything is brought out, what's going on, both between the different instruments, and with the orchestra Einspielern, in harmony with the guitars. The songs have depth and speed, Fronter Dom knows how to persuade and thanks to clean his forces Organ, clear glass production presses the disc from the first to the last moment. In knapp 50 Minutes demonstrates us the band impressive and energetic, how epic has to sound Melo Viking Death. It is rapidly, it is wild, it sounded some acoustic parts, just to make it then continues with the usual fast pace. Although it can be with some solos some time, but they are always good composed, so that they act in preparation for the next Part. This definitely will not be bored, especially the singing in the right places is doubled and therefore holds a good earworm factor.

Nothgard - Logo

„Blackened Seed“, „Obey The King“ with help from Equilibrium shouter Robert Dahn and „Wings Of Dawn“ are great examples of the multi-faceted sound world of Bayern, the lift at every second of the Nothgard flag in the sky. Many of the titles, on „Age of Pandora“ are found, are more melodic and with a catchy, provided powerful chorus. is for the latter „In Blood Remained“ an ideal example. Apart from its main body of this track is a bit weak, but he seems to wild and uncoordinated. Looking at the rest of the songs, There is hardly anything in these but suspend. However, for this the total package of the album, because quite quickly gives the impression, that the variety, the voltage somehow missing. Although title boundaries such as the extremely epic scale „No One Holds The Crown“ and from the Love to detail, for example, in the piece „Black Witch Venture“ by a noisy breathing, a broken music box and the singing of a child at the beginning of nightmares provides, makes the board more, but the character traits of the individual tracks are similar but just too much, at „Age of Pandora“ to run from morning to evening on and off.


„Age of Pandora“ has become a felicitous album with lots of power and many facets. The quintet impresses with virtuosic riffs and twin guitar solos. With the addition of guitar you have an ace in the hole, with which „Nothgard“ sound can be well ahead of the competition. None of the three guitarists have to hide here, because it is presented to a high gaming skills in a tour and so it comes to no holes, there will always represent a solid foundation by the number of guitarists. The songwriting is varied and pushes the genre in quite a modern direction. The song of the album is very complex, because of growls over Screams bishin to clean vocals, everything is represented. A well-composed album, what you listen good way, but also can analyze minutely. It may be speculated, whether another year would have made the process of composition for more variety on the plate? Thus, the voltage on the next work of Nothgard remains, in which desirably reacted criticism mentioned and maintain the quality. Buy recommendation!

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  1. Of Light And Shadow
  2. Age of Pandora
  3. Blackened Seed
  4. Black Witch Venture
  5. In Blood Remained
  6. Soul
  7. Obey The King
  8. Wings Of Dawn
  9. Mossback Children
  10. No One Holds The Crown
Nothgard - Age of Pandora
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