The album „Curse Of The Damned“ be a reminiscent of the early days of the NWOBHM, Because „Night Demon“ Ting from sunny California it from the beginning as a British bomb from the year 1981 and sound to almost 100% nach dem New Wave of British Heavy Metal-Sound, as it once cult groups such as „Diamond Head“ or „Jaguar“ made. With one foot in the classic Hard Rock, with the other standing in the energy of punk, you play through strong, often speedy songs with a lot of power, but also are melodically on the other side. The band plays as authentic as few, the primitive sound to England 1980 transport in the presence of. „Curse Of The Damned“ is more than Music, there is a feeling, a message mediating, tells which of rebellion and independence, of otherness and to a community, which is the test of time. In short: It is the story of Metals!

Night Demon - Curse Of The Damned

The Metal Trio „Night Demon“ comes from Ventura, a town north of Los Angeles, consists of vocalist / bassist Jarvis Leatherby, Guitarist Brent Woodward and drummer Dusty Squires. The band has only been 2012 active and looks far back on a self-titled EP, which already brought the underground boil. Here passion and living out the sounds are written large. The band combines the musical vision of all three members with influences, the like of sizes of old-school Metals „Iron Maiden“, „METALLICA“, „Diamond Head“, „Angel Witch“, „Riot“ and „Saxon“ to the punk legend „The Misfits“ reach. although „Night Demon“ present these roots proud, find both modern and contemporary attitudes in their songs. The plate then also, what the EP promised: Eleven times strong traditional Metal, is in which wallowed in so many cliche. That's certainly fun, even if you've heard this kind of music often.

Night Demon

The Upspeedtrack „Screams In The Night“ put it on now „Curse Of The Damned“ The, their success story going. Some songs do not emphasize one, because such a thing as average, there is not on this album, no matter what pace they strike. Melodic, harsh vocals, just such, two-part guitar and a healthy pinch of punk, held together by a natural, direct production. „Night Demon“ gathered on „Curse Of The Damned“ a whole range of great hits, each with a catchy chorus, people like to always listen again. That goes with „Screams In The Night“ The, continues in the epic title track and is dashing of the „Satan“ and „Full Speed Ahead“ continued. Subsequently, a short atmospheric intro and dragging riffing „The Howling Man“ announced, the then but quickly switches to a speedy midtempo.


Jarvis Leatherby vocals waive clumsy cry and carry a lot of passion and melody. The eleven numbers sound like that of genuine and authentic, that it is hard to believe, that the shekel of the year comes. Coole Das Diamond-Head-Worshipping, you hear the song (!), In „Livin‘ Dangerous“ simply fits like ass on bucket and the mid-tempo song „save me now“ has been going through just as power ballad. A nice steely brand bassline and riffs are well proven by a wide production. An awesome riff chases the next and have together with strong solos with flair of the period „Night Demon“ tonnenweise Feeling der New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Night Demon Logo

One or the other may now find this band unoriginal or stale, but on an album, that sounds so, as if it were 1982 recorded and 2015 rediscovered, is this criticism by loose, especially „Curse Of The Damned“ stands up to comparison with the stylistic models at any time. The cool voice, the cool riffs and melodic choruses, the sound harmonically, but just as dirty and punky, as it must be flat and as you can sometimes look the other way about, that then in the course of the eleven songs and when actually nevertheless a- and make the same song ideas and riffs wide. But that does not, because the disc just totally fresh and new sounds. For old-school metalheads „Curse Of The Damned“ an absolute feast of joy and not least through songs like the title track, the official „Mastermind“, the mangy „Killer“ or „Heavy Metal Heat“ The three boys have gained a place in my heart Metal. So you can call the debut as successful.

Night Demon

„Night Demon“ operate in an instant all the necessary attributes, the heritage of titans like „Diamond Head“, „Angel Witch“ or „Tygers of Pan Tang“ required. The music speaks for itself and „Curse Of The Damned“ drilled deeper with each pass into the brain. A few more ideas and the next slice of Amis is finally a killer with highest score! One can literally feel how much passion has put the trio in the album. This affects not placed, because it just „In“ is traditional heavy metal playing. „Night Demon“ are authentic and makes the entire distance everything right. The songwriting is varied and the boys Knowledge Exactly, when they slow down, or. must put. Guitarist Brent Woodward has a keen sense of, when he can play in the front and when he has to hold back. Failures there to "Curse Of The Damned" not to complain – here right from production through the cover to the song material just about anything. This album would have been a real firecracker in the wedding of the NWOBHM and fans of the sport should be the part missed by no means. „Night Demon“ raise the bar for all subsequent releases this year high damn high. So friends, unsheathed Wallets, here comes the new gospel of the NWOBHM!

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  1. Screams In The Night
  2. Curse Of The Damned
  3. Satan
  4. Full Speed Ahead
  5. The Howling Man
  6. Heavy Metal Heat
  7. Livin‘ Dangerous
  8. Mastermind
  9. Run for your life
  10. Killer
  11. save me now
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