In recent times, you get back more often old-school Thrash-Metal to hear and so are “Mortal Peril” Representatives of this genre. With “Walking On Hellish Trails” Cologne last month released their debut album. “Mortal Peril” were in 2010 founded by drummer Jonas Linnartz and bassist / singer Jan Radermacher in industrial backwater Wesseling and made 2012 with their EP “Of Black Days and Cruel Alliances” for the first time attention. With their debut album “Walking On Hellish Trails” Mortal Peril be well seasoned with a rough, punky energy and classic NWOBHM-tunes their first longplayer on the thrashing of humanity going.

Mortal Peril - Walking On Hellish Trails

As mentioned “Mortal Peril” Year 2010 founded by Jonas and Jan and for the access of guitarists Tasso first gigs were played at clubs and house parties. 2011 were reinforced with Lucas as the second guitarist and center 2012 followed by the first EP “Of Black Days and Cruel Alliances”, which was like not only in Germany, but also positive reviews from Italy, France and South America reaped. 2013 Tasso left the band, to open to other musical directions, followed shortly afterwards Lucas got out for professional reasons from the band. After several months of searching, the Thrasher completed early 2014 again the stages tilled with Bjornsson Greene and Fabian Gerhardt to the Sechssaitern and continue in NRW. With this lineup was also the first album “Walking on Hellisch Trails” taken on its own. Sorry, had to end 2014 Fabian study due out and so the place was free for the guitarist Pete Rode. Once again, in full and with their album in killing Mortal Peril forward, other off some big gigs.

Mortal Peril - Band

Technically sound celebrate Mortal Peril Thrash from, well seasoned with punky energy and NWOBHM classic tunes. Despite all the 80 nostalgia the four boys press their own stamp on their songs. The quartet is based on fast, punk and thrash metal with lots of power aufwartenden, which was enriched with a good dose NWoBHM. Mortal Peril also not invent the wheel, are sure is authentic, carved live pure as a well-lubricated suppository. “Clear in The Head or drunken as shit” - according to these lines from the opener is clear, under which the motto for studio work. Shows the varied themes of the songs, that songwriter and frontman Jan Radermacher completely omits creative and the band does not want to make into a stylistic corner. So socially critical topics such as in pieces “Death to all the Tyrants” and “Devil Seed” of humorous texts such as in “Senor Wampo” or “Eyekil are” superseded, ultimately by the tribute song “Inglorious Basterds” is rounded to the eponymous film.


Radermacher draws his inspiration the songs from experienced events. Thus, for example the song “Eyekil are” a tribute to it, that drummer Jonas to beat the first time Preview this piece with his drumstick in the eye and his contact lens shattered right in the eye. Thus, he provided the perfect template for one of the best songs of the album. With their sound the guys totally convincing. The compositions of hard drum beats, rhythmic basslines and twin guitar riffs give the unmistakable sound of the band. The whole is crowned by the melodic guitar solos of beideen axeman. The production is managed and lyrically one uses the usual clichés, where in the song “Hail Satan” With “Rape Maria, Kill Jesus” etc. but a little bird is shot and the chorus of “The Ones Left Behind” something comes along even infantile.

Mortal Peril - Logo

“Walking On Hellish Trails” is a diverse album, shows that, that “Mortal Peril” resurrects the thrash metal sound of the 80s again, wanting more makes. This album is the best example, that even a completely produced in-house album hide from other boards must. What the four boys have beaten into here, simply can not sit still head on the neck. The standout is very horny “My Inner Condition”, “Eyekil are” as well as the rapid opener “2 Step Crew”. The band's style is not limited to pure thrash metal, Influences from punk, Hardcore and NWOBHM are sometimes more, sometimes less to hear. The band left their songs very own stamp on and somehow I have a feeling, that in the future “Mortal Peril” will be hearing. In this sense,: “Clear in the head or drunken as shit, Mortal peril Turnschuh crew is wasting the pit!”


  1. 2 Step Crew
  2. The Ones Left Behind
  3. Escalation
  4. Devil’s Seed
  5. Eyekil are
  6. Hail Satan
  7. Warcult
  8. Death to all the Tyrants
  9. My Inner Condition
  10. Senor Wampo
  11. Inglorious Basterds
  12. Hellish Trails
Mortal Peril - Walking On Hellish Trails
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