M.H.X’s Chronicles are a quartet of São Paulo, which this year released his debut album „Infinite Ocean“ published. The band's sound can be described as epic designed Melodic Death Metal describe. Lyrically and musically, it is a lot about Travel and aspirations. The album has a very particularly intense atmosphere with samples of ocean waves, brief elegant string passages, dreamy piano melodies, progressive keyboard passages, technically-oriented and yet powerful riffs, playful rhythm sections, powerful clean vocals and growls unleashed. Both progressive sophisticates and genre fans will get their money.

M.H.X’s Chronicles – Infinite Ocean

São Paulo is a good breeding ground for the Metal, over the years have made it in the Underground many bands from this Brazilian land to gain a foothold in the Metal Universe. Many have disappeared, now stands with the band name M.H.X's Chronicles a band in the wings, which the Melodic Death Metal have really good mood! The quartet consisting of H Murillo. Xavier (Vocals & Guitar), Raphael Carvalho (drums), Michel Oliveira (Guitar) and Wallace Ribeiro (bass) it has technically good mood, quite harmonious, Scandinavian roots, has typical Brasil Groove oriented Thrash to mate Attitude. Until now, I was named „M.H.X’s Chronicles“ not really start what, because this Brazilian Melodic death metallers have only brought out an EP, which I could find with the best will in nowhere. So is the debut "Infinite Ocean" thus the baptism of fire and this will not be well with other metal fanatics otherwise.


Riffs, Verses and choruses sound like mentioned very nordic not to say Finnish and are actually so nothing special, but due to the freshness and the burgeoning Groove the guys have prepared a mixture, with which they certainly create a huge hurricane. „Dark Tranquility“, „In Flames“ and Co. should have stood as a drawing board pattern here Pate. Once again, that sounds reasonable imitation, now not really, because the independence of the votes can be gained admirable here is the final, which have conjured up here Brazilians. The dark melody and mix up the always again aufbauschende Groove flair are just a not-looking by hand Detail, which heaves the boys forward. Intensive brutalities and a good grip in the Melodic box are very agreeable of art, if the same one must bring significantly more autonomy from happening in the future. For a debut the skin quite off the stool, But in this tough business and for the further continuation of it then needs a little more.

M.H.X's Chronicles Band

In total there are „M.H.X’s Chronicles“ good Melodic death metallers, with racy mix and you should take your time in the entire album to enjoy it fully immerse order. Who really does not have the time and leisure to, I recommend as Anspieltipps especially the songs „at the end“, „Outcry“ and „A Winter Song“. For the further progress is needed then surely a bit more momentum, this needs to be expanded more easily, then open the guys from São Paulo Doors and gates. Fans of bands like „Soilwork“, „Axegressor“, „Nightmare“, „In Flames“, „Dark Tranquillity“ and all congeners can not go wrong here and overall sounds „Infinite Ocean“ Very entertaining.



  1. Overture of the Seas
  2. Conquest of the Oceans
  3. Castles in the Sand
  4. The Way Home
  5. At the End
  6. Outcry
  7. Sea
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. A Winter Song
  10. Moon and Sea

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