Far away from Mozart, folk tones, Falco or E.A.V. there is when it comes to multi-faceted Music from Austria to discover a lot more musical pearls. Since 2011 exist „Luna Rise„, a Dark Melodic Rock band from Upper Austria. This was recently at NRT-Records a new musical home and so unceremoniously was the debut EP „Smoking Kills But Love Can Break A Heart“ reissued. A good and recommended piece of music, on which the band presents itself very clarified.

Album Review: Luna Rise - Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart

Luna Rise“ are musically the Finnish melancholy Dark- Melodic and to assign rock and have a certain proximity to HIM. However, to prove „Luna Rise“ on „Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart“ not only an amazing maturity and sovereignty, but also artistic independence. The band as mentioned 2011 founded and still published in the first year, the debut EP with the same title as the present here EP. After „Luna Rise“ this year (2015) have switched to NRT Records, it was decided to re-hang the EP, before their first full length album „Dark Days & Bright Nights“ to go to the start. Founded the single-minded quintet of singer Christian Lindner, which called on stage Chris Divine, and by bassist Rob Rocket. Collaborators for the project were quickly found and were with guitarist Luke Vegas, Drummer Werewolf und Tastenhexer L.X. aka Alex village Mayer therefore completely. 2014 fetches the band with guitar prodigy Andy Earth - winner of the Robert Johnson Guitar Awards 2012 in Hamburg - amplifying. Why the moon is so important for the team, Chris brings Divine clever to the point: „The ‚Sunrise‘, So the sunrise, there are dozens. For me, the moon always already had something mystical.“ And this mysticism is transferred 1:1 their songs, bring always something mysterious or even tragic with him, that is no longer to obtain a good measure of pop out of the ears.

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Luna Rise - Dead Alley [Official Video]

When the EP hearing shoot an inevitable HIM as compared to the head. Can with the professional production of such scene sizes „Smoking Kills But Love Can Break A Heart“ from „Luna Rise“ but not quite keep up. Although the sound is clear, tight and clean, also very modern, he would but can turn out a total of even more powerful and direct. By turning up the volume this impression fades but of listening test to listening test. All tracks are aligned with the choruses, but in between also has all hands and feet, the keyboards a little direction Artrock squint. The diversity, with the Goth rockers have implemented the whole thing here is neatly into mind. Not in the melancholic way, but the Upper Austrians have a very rousing round. But only on the tube press the guys do not and so there are also authentic sound material, which is quite sad over. Nevertheless, it is up to you never to Fickle. Vocally it seems, as if man was born on micro Chris Divine for this kind of music. Both the rock factor and the melancholy in the music of „Luna Rise“ he knows how to express vocally, without too much based on other artists. Young, if it is necessary sufficient snotty and sometimes soulful sets Chris Divine his vocal cords a. For the Level, on which „Luna Rise“ are to date, a solid performance!

Luna Rise

„Luna Rise“ like to be „Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart“ the pain, of hope and Love devote, But rock is played elsewhere Kuschel. They do that already with the first song „When You Fall“ clearly. „I’ll catch you if you fall“ Chris Lindner sings the catchy chorus and leaves not only miss any kitschy pathos, on the contrary, „Luna Rise“ color the song progressively darker. Nice, when songs are offered with surprising moments. The fact that here just a rousing catchy number to listen to, it becomes quite obvious. Although the first verse first consists of simple guitar riffs and bass tones, the song builds up further and reveals rock solid Lyrics and a multi-faceted song structures. A successful and direct entry into this re-issue. The intro of „Dead Alley“ sounds wonderfully by John Carpenter and with this song to prove „Luna Rise“, they can certainly write emotional Melodic rock songs. An impressive interplay of light and shadow is revealed to the listener in acoustic form. The whole accompanied by a fragile piano, hard guitar riffs and a soulful voice. The whole composition takes a prisoner and immediately transported to a world of heartbreak. Very emotional, highly melodic and rousing, This song is famous hits of the genre to nothing after. The melody is audible in her ear and settles permanently. This definitely makes you want more.

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Luna Rise - VALENTINE [Official Music Video]ᴴᴰ

At „616“ oscillates slightly HIM in tones and you feel not only from the title to something HIMs „666“ recalls. A term coined by melancholy rock Lovesong, with gloomy keyboards and distorted bass, accompanied abruptly from the hot guitars and drums. What is the initiation, soaked briefly a minimalist musical song structure, strikes at the singer Chris through a megaphone effect. The alternation between quiet passages and heaviness comes very cool. „Glory Nightmare“ then exaggerates the whole melancholy demeanor too much and therefore has a little covered. Clearly the weakest track on the disc. For a true „Beautiful Monster“ again conciliatory, the loose from Ville Valo's spring could come. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of the Finns, but I like one or the other piece and you have to recognize their success. The common thread is lost, although now and then but still, probably because of the different influences of the Five, but over the next few years they will probably all get this under one roof and look out a compact album here. Your penchant for the Eighties years is not to be missed in any case. Arrived at the pure essence of „When You Fall“, Unfortunately, the reduced not even begin to come up to the depth of the original, but well illustrated, how the song originated. The spectacle ends with a remix, the may have had its authorization, but does not fit in my view, on this album. The last song is a CD for me of the same meaning, as the last song of a concert, which is mostly as adding a hit not in vain. Therefore, I would have liked for the EP rather a song à la „616“ or „Beautiful Monster“ desired as final. That would have been adequate and appropriate.

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„Luna Rise“ have something in itself, what one seeks in vain nowadays. You can tell the band from the first until the last second, the enthusiasm and the lifeblood of. „Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart“ is to me personally over long distances too much and too HIM, I prefer for my case since rather the original. Musically can „Luna Rise“ was, that's for sure. The best simple ingredients and above all its own seasoning, all over again in the cup, neatly shake and see or. hear what comes out. „Luna Rise“ dark create and transport, but not hopeless emotions. Stylistically home in Melodic Rock, there are numerous influences such as Hard Rock, and an unobtrusive pinch of Pop. „Luna Rise“ draw a bow from Love- or Romantic Rock - or whatever you want to call the then - up to the progressive Metal, being pigeonholed in this day and age is really long gone. Is only weak point of the album „Glory Nightmare“, the slightly falling behind the rest of the pieces. The rest is the birth of a band, it will bring in the next few years probably far. „Luna Rise“ invite you to a euphoric journey to the dark side of the moon and a rock confidently, with a good amount of „Pain“ in the hearts of fans, without ever sounding cheesy or even corny. The moonstruck five sets high goals and we can only wish them, that they achieve them. Whoever works with so much love for music and also to detail, the had his five minutes of fame - of course like more - granted. Fans of HIM and Melodic Rock fans come in this disc fully at their expense!

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  1. When You Fall
  2. Dead Alley
  3. 616
  4. Glory Nightmare
  5. Beautiful Monster
  6. Bonus Tracks:

  7. When You Fall (bedroom tape)
  8. Dead Alley (glitchremix by Redkay)
Album Review: Luna Rise - Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart
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