Tenacious D singer and guitarist Kyle Gass has a colorful bunch of colleagues wanted and raises them with his new project „Kyle Gass Band“ (KGB) from the baptism. That the fat man with the Hawaiian shirt-Tick can not just clowning, proved he is already in the 90s with his hard rock project „Trainwreck“, after the end of which he „Kyle Gass Band“ founded. So now it's time for Kyle Gass‘ Quasi first solo album, even if a few of the usual suspects from the orbit of D course again are. The debut has been published in nearly two years in the States and learns now finally official, European Release.

Album Review: Kyle Gass Band - Kyle Gass Band

About Kyle Gass you do not really need to waste words, or at least? Not later than when looking at the cover of the white rock fan, that he is a half of the legendary duo „Tenacious D“ has to do. Together with Mike Bray, who Eingeheizt us mighty as Sasquatch in the last Tenacious D show, John Konesky, who was already at the side project Trainwreck here, Jason Keene and Tim Spier Kyle has now ventured on an album without buddy Jack Black. Listening to the debut of Kyle Gass band for the first time is a conscious, How big is the influence of Kyle Gass must be in Tenacious D. Kyle Gass's skirt! That's not necessarily original or innovative, However, highly entertaining and guests have the possibility for small Wohlfühler. He combines next casual classic rock with acoustic- or elektischer Klampfe, also slight Country-influences and Blues-Items. A bit of AC / DC is just everywhere.

Kyle Gass Band

Erdigen, straight and loose Rock'n'Roll, das ist es, what the fan wants and what he gets. Of course, not with the famous comedy attitude his main band, but with a certain mischievous twinkle. Ten numbers, offer little new information about the evolution of rock music, but which are all animate least the snap of the fingers or foot paddles. Kyle Gass demonstrates a sense of the lightness of being. This is demonstrated by the groovy opener „Manchild“, the casual „Bro Ho“ one greets in the rocking chair, and cans of beer drinking their neighbors from the porch or making the streets the next town with his Pick Up uncertain („Road Chops“). „Dyin‘ Day“ is a significant „Lynyrd Skynyrd“-loaded list and „Our Job Is To Rock“ recalls at the beginning of „The Who“. The title should be taken literally, whether acoustic guitar or guitar, Skirt stays skirt and Kyle Gass Kyle Gass remains.

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„Tremendous“ not shrink from classic rock solo and AC / DC circuit and strumming „Ram Damn Bunctious“ and „Getting The Band Back Together“ Simply recycle the best of all highway and popular songs always once again immersed in the rearview mirror a harmonica Hillbilly and flavoring the rippling songs with a bit more America. the Music the „Kyle Gass Band“ is full of clichés of American rock music and are delivered with wonderfully ironic lyrics. The album takes a with a 39-minute journey from carefully crafted songs, you want to hear over and over again. The combo white, as Rock'n'Roll works and impress with their high-back vocals, so you want to sing along. The debut disc combines in a wonderful way massive guitar solos, a Bass, stimulates foot-stomping rhythms and, to which you want to dance around air guitar playing in underwear in the apartment.

Kyle Gass Band

As already mentioned, forces us Kyle Gass no new „Masterpiece“ on. What does that mean so much, that none of the numbers represented here outstrips the very big Tenacious D hits. Nevertheless, „Kyle Gass Band“ a pleasant from beginning to end to konsumierendes piece of entertainment with no apparent failures. Wherever you find yourself and whatever you are doing well just, whether driving, Cookout, Home pottering or homework it's an album, that's just fun and good humor. Nothing more, sometimes not less. Who is on slight but perfectly composed rock, the will of „Kyle Gass Band“ not be disappointed. It is especially terrific, that really every song is very catchy immediately and can be hummed smoothly after. is for fans of classic rock here before a real pearl, that should not be missed under any circumstances. If you like a good mix of acoustic and electric guitars, , this album should bring definitely. The next impregnated by Bourbon and canned beer barbecue is determined and Hawaiian shirts can then again wear. exceptionally.

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Kyle Gass Band


  1. Manchild
  2. Dying Day
  3. Bro Ho
  4. Our Job To Rock
  5. Tremendous
  6. Ram Damn Bunctious
  7. Questionable
  8. Getting The Band Back Together
  9. Road Chops
  10. Gypsy Scroll
Album Review: Kyle Gass Band - Kyle Gass Band
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